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      Cylinder Measure                                                                        PowerSeal Coating
               70cc                                                                                          129.00 Euros
             125cc                                                                                          153.00 Euros
             250cc                                                                                          163.00 Euros
2- Cylinder engine block                                                                      335.00 Euros
4- Cylinder engine block                                                                      650.00 Euros
Special Request                                                                                  call for pricing
Cast Iron/Steel Liners                                                                          210.00 Euros

Additional Cost
Disassemble                                                                                           11.00 Euros
Bridge/Exhaust Grinding                                                                      11.00 Euros
Big Bore                                                                                                  27.50 Euros
Honing Only                                                                                            27.50 Euros
               Standard                                                                                  47.00 Euros
               Head/Foot Welding                                                                 72.00 Euros
               Renovation                                                                              97.50 Euros

Normal Delivery time: 1 to 2 weeks
Quick Service is available!                                                                   50.00 Euros
48 hours for PowerSeal Coating
96 Hours for Welding and PowerSeal Coating

Prices are subject to change
Shipping and Tax not included

2010 Cylinder Price List

2010 Cylinder Price List

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